Occupational safety and health

The health and safety of our employees and anyone affected by our activities are our top priority. Nothing is more important than protecting ourselves and others from harm. For us, safety is never compromised.

We believe that all injuries, occupational illnesses and diseases are preventable. Therefore the overall goal of OH&S at sapphire plants is “zero harm to people, zero damage to property and zero damage to the environment”.

To do this we have made investments so that our premises are safe by design. Along with this we invest in our management systems, such as the internationally recognized Occupational Health and Safety Assessment System (ISO 45001) integrated with our internationally Certified Quality and Environmental systems (ISO 14001 and ISO 9001).

We continuously strive to improve safety measurements helping to increase work safety for our employees and everybody influenced by our activity. We pay attention to monitoring potential risks and implementing corrective actions for identified risks. We organize internal and external audits, training, regular system checkups and many more improvements in the OH&S area.